Cactuses – they are huge!


El Rosario – Sacrificio

48km, 3:40 h, 12,2 km/h, total 4835,8 km


We had a pretty slow start, as usual, and it was almost 9 am when we sat on our bikes, the thermometer showed 20 degrees C and there was no cloud in sight. Since we would cycle through the desert and didn‘ t know if there were any places to buy water along the way I carried 7 l of water.

Leaving El Rosario many dogs barked at us and followed us a bit but it seemed as if they stopped when Sebastien used his whistle. Before entering the desert we passed a small stretch where it was really green. Many climbs between 1% and 11% and 32 degrees C in the shade without any shade were exhausting.

Soon we saw the first cactuses along the road and at my first discovery-tour I found out that they really had pricks. Dry green grass turned into yellow-brown sand. Then I saw the first HUGE kaktus!!!

That was amazing. The whole scenery was pretty incredible. I was just waiting for a cowboy on his horse!

After 45 km we started to look for a good place for a roadside-lunch. Suddenly, after another short climb, there was a small loungeria in a town called Sacrificio (which was on none of our maps and probably consisted only of this loungeria). Great!!!

We sat down and each of us ordered 1 Quesataco and a soda for starters (because of the heat we weren‘ t too hungry and we thought that we would just order more if we liked it). While we waited for our food we obeyed a young boy who lookes very serious while he tried to catch a baby-duck. He could‘ t catch it though, it was very entertaining for us. After a while each of us got a plate with 3 Tacos and Beans. We were 100% positiv that we only ordered 1 each but we ate them anyways and they were really good.

We were really stuffed and didn‘ t feel like getting back on our bikes. So we asked if it was possible to pitch our tents next to the loungeria – and it was. It was a great place to camp and we had the chance to catch a glimpse of the real mexican life. They even had showers there!

Sunset was already at 4:42pm!!! We hang out in our tents for a while, went to the loungeria again to have some dinner and were really happy that we didn‘ t push it today but made an unexpected early stop.

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