Easy cycling


San Quintin – El Rosario

66km, total 4787,8 km

In the morning we spent some time on the internet and didn‘ t get going until 9:30am. A few km later, in Lázaro Cárdenas we stopped at the ATM and at the grocery store. There we met Nadine who cycles around the world with her friend. They already started in 2003!!! After exchanging some information about the road ahead of each of us we were finally on our way around 11am.

The wind changed it‘ s direction constantly. The fog along the coast kept the air pleasantly cool at a temperature of 21 degrees C and dispersed a mystic mood. The car- and truck-drivers were again absolutely considerate and passed us carefully. After some easy rolling hills we had good a climb at the end of the day. It was in a construction area and it was the hardest climb of the day. The flaggers who worked there were very entertaining, though. They cheered for us, asked if we were ready for the next Olympic Games and made some funny moves. The climb was followed by an awesome downhill-ride into El Rosario.

There we met Uli and Vera at the Motel Sinhai where we squeezed us and our bikes into a small room for 300 Pesos. After a refreshing shower we had dinner with Uli and Vera in the restaurant at the Motel. I had Enchiladas con Pollo but didn‘ t like it too much, the others enjoyed their meals though.

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