Leaving „The City“


San Francisco – Pacifica

33 km, total 3836,5 km

This day wasn‘ t like I expected it to be…

Kathrin left around 7am to go to work. So I got up early enough to say goodbye to her. (Thanks again, it was great to see you again!!! I enjoyd staying with you!!!) Instead of getting ready to hit the road I took it easy – as I like to in the morning. Around 10:30 am I left the house and cycled and walked my way west to the pacific ocean. Since San Francisco is quite hilly it took me a while. I stopped at Safeway to get some bananas and Donuts for breakfast which I ate right at the beach where a strong wind was blowing from the south. Moreover it started to rain – what a great start.

Nevertheless I got back on my bike. First there was a bikepath which was pretty nice. There was a good climb to Daly City. Since there was a part of HWY 1 where I wasn‘ t allowed to cycle I stayed on the Skyline Blvd. When I got on the Sharp Hill Road which should take me down to Pacifica the wind almost pushed me off the bike. It would have been a great downhill ride – but I didn‘ t enjoy it at all. I stopped at a scenic lookout to get some shelter from the storm and the pouring rain. Since the weather didn‘ t look as if it would change for a while I got back on the road, holding on tight to my handlebars. It was pretty scary to get down there, fortunately the cars where passing me carefully.

I was reliefed when I finally reached Pacifica without falling off my bike and though I wasn‘ t happy about it I decided to call it quits for the day and get a motel-room. Later I walked over to the grocery store and got some frozen burritos I cooked for dinner in the microwave. I ended that miserable day with watching TV. 

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