San Francisco – day off (2)

Around noon the appartment was pretty clean again and we had a great „hangover“ breakfast at a Crèpes-Place. Later I tried to find a new tire at one of the bikeshops around. They all didn‘ t have the kind I was looking for and so I finally bought the kind the Bicycle-cops use on their bikes – I figured those can‘ t be that bad;-).

In the evening Kathrin and I went to the movies and watched „Changeling“. It‘ s been a while that I‘ ve been to the movies the last time;-).

I actually wanted to cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge while I stayed here but it didn t really fit into my schedule and I enjoyed taking it easy. It would have been a great thing to do but  since I‘ ve been there a few times before (even on a bike) it doesn‘ t bother me that much.

Well, tomorrow I‘ ll be back on the road – it‘ s time to cycle south again!!!

Take care,


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