Highway 1

Hi guys!

I actually made it to California and since I’m here the weather is pretty good. It’s sunny and there‘ s almost no wind. The last days I rode through large Redwood Tree Forests, it‘ s just amazing how gig they are!!!

It‘ s really impressinbg how fast the scenery changes, even on a bicycle. Riding through the woods it‘ s very shady and quite cold but no wind, then you climb some hills and are back at the ocean, in the sun. I’m in Fort Bragg, sitting at a Starbucks Café. Though it‘ s already noon I only rode 5(!!!) km so far.  I just had to stop and make a new entry in my blog and check my e-mail! Before I could do that I had to create a Starbucks account – and that took me quite a while.

The last 3 nights Joel and Barb from Portland, Oregon and Tyson from Bend, Oregon stayed at the same Campgrounds I did. We met a couple times during the day and then again at night. It‘ s really nice to stay with other cyclists and talk about the experiences everybody made and the other cyclists we‘ ve met.

Now I really have to get started, it‘ s about 68km to the campground I want to go to.

More later,


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