California here we come!!!


KOA Denmark – Turtle Rock RV Resort

68 km, sunny, great tailwind


Wow, it really was an awesome day today! After a few wet days it was a nice treat to cycle along the beautiful coast with a great tailwind in the sunshine.

It was already 11 am when I left the campground. In Port Orford I met Vera, Uli, Adam and Kate again at a small bakery. Cycling to Golden Beach was a lot of fun. We stopped at many viewpoints and enjoyed the ride up and down along the coast. There wasn‘ t that much traffic today and the coast looks a lot different when it‘ s not raining. A few miles before we reached Golden Beach we took the alternate route off HWY 101 which was awesome.

Around 3pm we reached Golden Beach where we hang out at a bookstore for about 2 hours.

Unfortunately there were no campgrounds until Brookings, which was still 30 miles away. So we decided to stay at the Turtle Rock RV Resort in town. We pitched our tents and walked over to the beach to watch the sunset. The wind blew very strong and was kind of cold. Adam let his kite fly and I took some pictures.

After having a great dinner at our campsite I felt pretty good to take a warm shower.

Tomorrow we‘ ll probably make it to California, it‘ s only about 35 miles.

So long,


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