… another black bear!


Kalaloch CG – Pacific Beach SP

98,8km, 5:36h, total 1896,3km

Though I got up at 7am I didn‘ t leave untill 11 am! For a change it didn‘ t rain and once in a while even the sun was shining! There were times when the shoulder was pretty rough or not there at all. When I started there wasn‘ t much traffic later it became heavier.

After 50 km, around 2pm, I reached Lake Quinault. It was kind of early to stop, but the next Campground was another 50 km away. While having a coffee and I banana in front of the grocery store I decided that I could as well go for it.

Since I didn‘ t know if there was a campground in Hoquiam or Aberdeen and because names like „Pacific Beach, Aloha and Ocean City“ lured me I made a right turn after 10 km to get back to the Pacific. After 6 km I saw a black bear walking along the side of the road only about 50m in front of me. While I was wondering what to do a car drove by and the bear disappeared in the woods. I really didn‘ t expect to see a bear here!!! Since it was a pretty lonely road and I don‘ t really trust those bears I pedaled quite hard to reach the coast.

Around 5:30pm I checked into the Pacific Beach SP CG. As a cyclist you can pick whatever free site you like for 14 $. I picked a small tentsite anyhow, because I didn‘ t want to pitch my tent right next to a huge RV. The CG was pretty busy, many people where having BBQs and it seemed as if everybody had at least one dog!!!

After pitching my tent and taking a shower (3 minutes/50ct) I bought dinner at a Teryaki Chicken Place. I had to wait a while but the food was really good.

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