Reaching the Pacific … in the rain ;-)


Forks – Kalaloch CG

58,3 km, 3:41h, totalĀ  1797,5 km

It was still pouring when I woke up. That didn‘ t really motivate me to pack but I did it anyway – the show must go on!!! At 10am I got on my bike only to stop again a few hundred meters down the road to stock up on some groceries at the store. I was already pretty wet when I got there – so far only on the outside! That changed quit fast – the rain was so heavy that I was totally soaked after only 10 km. The logging-trucks passed me carefully, but every passing truck was like a shower ;-).

I enjoyd cycling through the woods but I didn‘ t feel like making a detour to see the largest Cedar Tree. Chain Saw Work seemed to be popular here ‚cause many people showed their work along the road.

Gettin‘ to Ruby Beach I could smell and hear the Pacific. A few km later I stopped at a turnout to take a look at the Pacific – and it stopped to rain!!! Only for a minute though, then it started again.

At 2pm I reached Kalaloch CG and decided to stay there. I found a nice campsite next to the oceon covered by a large tree. It stopped to rain after a while and I strolled along the beach after I pitched my tent. There was a lot of driftwood along the beach, the water was pretty cold.

At every picnic-table there is a warning about bears, raccoons and cougars. Even during daytime you are supposed to have your food locked in your vehicle or in a foodlocker!

CU Anja

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