Rain again!


Larabee CG – Fort Ebey SP

81,3 km, 5:18h, Ǿ 15,3 km/h

When I wanted to get up around 7 am it started to rain – and it didn‘ t stop until 7 pm! So I stayed in the tent for a while and after some oatmeal and hot coffee it was almost noon when I left the Campground. It rained so hard that I was soaked after a while. The worst thing about it are my feet. They just get really cold when they get wet.

After only 25 km I wanted to stop at a Campground – it didn‘ t make any sense to me to ride on. But the fee was 19 $ and check-in wasn’t until 3pm. So I moved on anyways.

Somehow I passed the Deception Pass Campground. At 5pm I stopped at a gasstation, bought a sandwich and some coffee and asked where I actually was! The town was called Whidbey, just like the island I was at. It was another 18 km to the Campground but after 5 ½ hours in the rain I didn‘ t care anymore, tried to ignore the rain and just kept pedalling.

When I reached the Statepark it was already getting dark, I saw some deer along the road – and the rain stopped!!!

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