Back on my bike…


Fairhaven – Larabee CG

22 km, 1:41h, Ǿ 12,6 km/h

At 8 am the ferry arrived at the terminal in Fairhaven. Kai, Erin, Cassy (from Australia), ? (from England I think?!? – sorry, just too many names!) and I had a great breakfast at a nice café. Later Kai and Erin walked me over to the bikeshop where I had my broken spoke replaced. After a few great days together on the ferry it was time to say goodbye.

Fairhaven really is a cute little town, I liked it there. At the Visitor Center in Bellingham I picked up some maps and then I was on my way again! There were some climbs at Route 11 and the shoulder was pretty narrow.

After only 22 km I stopped at the Larabee CG and pitched my tent at a Walk-In-Site for 14 $. I met a couple from Bellingham who invited me to sit at the campfire and sing some songs with their church group later in the evening. Since they were having dinner first I decided that it was time for a short nap. It was only 6pm but I fell asleep right away and slept ‚till 2 am!!! There was some noise outside my tent. After a while I looked out of the tent with my flashlight on and saw a raccoon sitting on the table and eating my noodles! Since I didn‘ t plan to sleep that long I didn‘ t store my leftovers good enough and didn‘ t close my panniers properly, either!!! After I made some noise the raccoon finally walked away for a while but it came back. Due to my own fault I had a pretty bad night.

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