Mosquito Lake – Haines

49 km, 3:19h, av. sp. 14,8 km/h

For a change it was a warm night! At 7am I woke up, had some crisp bread¬†with Creeme Cheese for breakfast and was – believe it or not – already at 8:30 am on the road! It was a beautiful ride along the Klehini and the Chilcat River, trees along the other side of the road. After a while I met Dan and Christian (?) , two guys on their bikes who started in New Hampshire and were on their way to Anchorage. There they‘ ll take a plane to China and keep on biking.

19 km before I reached Haines there was suddenly a hard wind coming from everywhere. When I finally reached the Visitor Center in Haines I was chilled to the bone and very happy to get a free coffee there.¬†The next ferry to Bellingham doesn‘ t leave ‚till Monday (today is Tuesday). That‘ s a long time!!!

Though Haines is only a small town getting there was a small culture shock. There were people everywhere – tourists who came on a big cruise ship.

The library was close to the Visitor Center, so I checked my e-mails before I pitched my tent at the Chilkaat CG. After not taking a shower for days the 3 minutes (1,50 $) felt like ages! Clean and tired I crawled early into my sleeping bag while the wind is blowing strong outside.

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