Meeting Wolfgang on his way to Mexico.


121km, about 8h

Million Dollar Falls to Mosquito Lake


At 9:40 am I left the campground and my day started with a long climb. After a while I saw something moving in front of me. When I got closer I realised that it was another cyclist. His name is Wolfgang, he grew up in Germany but left when he was twenty-something. Now he lives in Vermont. I think he started his biketrip in Maine in may and road all the way across Canada to Alaska. He‘ s going to Mexico – that means I‘ ll meet him once in a while. After 60 km I reached the Chilkat Pass. There‘ s nothing new to say about the scenery – just take a look at the pictures once they are online. Snowpeaked mountains, everything is really wide, cycling above the tree line the clouds hang pretty low.

After cycling up and down for a while there was a very nice 18km long downhill ride to the US Border. The officer asked me a few questions and then he said: “Welcome back to the US.”. 12 km later I was very surprised when I saw a little roadhouse. I stopped there, ate a Hamburger with fries and drank a coke. Many locales were eating dinner there. Felt like I was getting closer to civilisation again! The woman who worked there told me it were about 5 km to the Mosquito Lake CG. Actually it were 15 km, but since I already had dinner I didn‘ t really care. The campground was great, in the woods right by the lake. There was only an outhouse but there was no fee. (Best things in life are free!)

At the campground I met Wolfgang again. We are on Alaska Time now which means there‘ s a 10 hour time difference to Germany again.

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