Resting at a Motel – Destruction Bay


18 km, 1:39 h, av. sp. 11,2 km/h

sunny, windy, 11 degrees C (felt 2 degrees C)

Burwash Landing – Destruction Bay

I slept good though I had to get up two times because my stomach was bothering me. Since Hendrik didn‘ t have any problems it probably not because of the water or food I had the last days. Nevertheless I ate a Bacon and Egg Breakfast to get some energy.

At 11:10 am we were on the road and again I didn‘ t care much about the scenery. There was a strong and cold headwind, we moved slowly again and even had to pedal going downhill.  I was glad when I reached Destruction Bay after only 18 km, drank a hot cup of coffee and decided to take a room here. They didn‘ t recommend camping because of the bears out there. Hendrik called the Kluane BB, 55 km away, to make sure they are open and moved on at 2 pm.

My room is great, I have a beautiful view at the Lake. I didn‘ t do anything except doing my laundry and updating my blog. Now it‘ s already 8 pm, I‘ ll write a few e-mails (keep writing guys, I‘ m always glad when I get some e-mail or guest-book-entries), watch some TV and go to sleep. I‘ m hoping that I‘ ll feel better tomorrow – then I‘ ll try to reach Haines Junction (about 110km). There I have to decide if I‘ m going to ride on through Canada or if I‘ ll take the ferry from Haines or Skagway to  Prince Rupert or even to Bellingham. It‘ s just getting too cold up here and many Campgrounds and other accomodations in this area already closed for the season.

I‘ ll tell you about my decision in a few days!

Take care,


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