A hard day!


97,2 km, 7:12 h, av. sp. 13,5 km/h

Creek Lake CG – Burwash Landing

It was a very hard day. I got up at 8:15 am and left the CG by 10:15 am. I didn’t feel well, had some problems with my stomach.  There was a light headwind and the road was going uphill a little bit pretty much all the time. Around noon it warmed up from 10 to 18 degrees C. I rested more often than usually and after 4 hours in the saddle I only made 50km. I was going quite slow.

After 69 km I stopped at a rest area a drank the can of Mountain Dew which I saved the whole day since I knew there were no places to buy anything along the way. Those rest areas are nice places to stop because you can meet many interesting people there. I met a mexican-italian couple from Mexico-City who are traveling around in their car. They gave me their e-mail adress and invited me to stay with them incase I‘ ll go there on my way through Mexico. Moreover I talked to a young couple from New York. They drove from New York to Alaska and are now on their way to LA. They were just cooking their dinner on a camping stove.

After a while Hendrik arrived, he was taking it easy as well. The scenery was overwhelming again but I didn‘ t care much about it today. Even Grönemeyer and Die Ärzte couldn‘ t really push me forward.  The best part of the day were the last 10 km which were pretty much downhill to Burwash Landing at Kluane Lake. I asked for a room but they were booked out. I could camp there for free, showers cost 4 $. When Hendrik arrived he asked for a room and there was a free one. Häh?!? Well, doesn‘ t really matter and I saved a lot of money.

Since I didn‘ t eat much all day I had the dinner special: meat loaf with gravy, grilled onions, fries nad peas. It was really good. After taking a hot shower (the highlight of the day) I talked with Hendrik for a while and crawled into my tent.

P.s. Today was the first school-day! I didn‘ t forget it! It feels kind of weired being here now while summer-break is over. I‘ m thinking of you and I miss you!


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