I‘ m in Canada now!


93km, 5:58 h, av.sp. 15,5 km/h

sunny, 17 degrees C

Lakeview CG t – Beaver Creek

I didn’t sleep too good last night and when I got up at 7:30 am it was 2 degrees C cold but sunny. I left at 9:20 am, a few minutes after Hendrik. We are both cycling at our own speed but always meet again on the road.

The snowpeaked mountains are just beautiful. After 22 km I stopped for a rest, met Hendrik there and later the swiss couple stopped by and we had another chat. After 50 partly tough km we reached Border City and ate somer burgers there for lunch.

8 km later we reached the US Customs. Though there was gravel, dust and some climbs I had a good run and enjoyed the ride ‚til the Canadian Customs.  The officer asked me the usual questions: how much money, where are you going, how long are you gonna stay? He was a little confused by the entry stamp to Canada I was issued when we were at the Niagara Falls but then he wished me a good night and I was in Yukon,Canada (we have a 9 hour time-difference to Germany now)!

It where only 2 km from the border to Beaver Creek where I stayed at a campsite and Hendrik in a motel-room. Later we had dinner at the Westmark Lounge. I had a great Philly Steak Sandwich. After taking a shower I filled the waterbottle the R8b (THANK YOU – that was a great gift!!! YOU‘ RE AWESOME!!!) gave to me with hot water to keep me warm  in my sleeping-bag for a few hours.

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