Cycling on the Alcan (Alaska-Canada-Highway)


85,1 km, 4:35 h, average speed 18,5 km/h

sunny, dry, light tailwind

Tok – Lakeview CG

When I got up around 8am the thermometer showed only 6 degrees C. I ate a sandwich, made some for later, drank a coffee and was on the road at 10:15am. I stopped at the grocery store where I got some bananas, bread and gatorade. There are some weired people hanging living in Tok, they are friendly but somehow they are different – well, there’s not much to do out there!

At 11:15 am I was finally on my way on the Alcan (Alaska – Canada Highway). The first 20km were great riding. Almost no traffic and a nice tailwind.

Then I had to stop because of road constructions and met Hendrik again who was already waiting for the pilot-car. After 15 minutes it arrived, we put our bikes on the back of it, Hendrik got on the back, too, and I sat in the front. The driver told me some jokes which weren‘ t too funny, but it was ok. We had to ride on two other pilot-cars and it really isn’t that much fun. 

The road was very dusty and so we were glad when we reached Northway Junction where we wanted to camp. Since the campground was full we only bought some food, filled our water-bottles and rode another 12km to the Lakeview CG.

Though there were quit a few climbs my bike was rolling pretty good. There were no showers, no water and only pit-toilets (very clean!!!) – but there was no fee and it was a really nice place. I met a swiss couple there who passed me in their camper earlier today. It was nice talking to them and at night we could store our food in their camper – because of the bears.  I had bread, bananas, trail-mix and poptards for dinner, saw a beaver swimming in the lake and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

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