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Tag 8: Chistochina – Mentasta Lodge

10ºC – 17ºC, mostly dry, tailwind, partly sunny



My alarm-clock rang at 7am, but I didn’t get up ‚til 8am. I ate a nice breakfast that was included in the rate for the cabin. There were cereals and bread, english muffins, hard-boiled eggs, jam, honey and cream cheese, water, orange juice coffee and tea. While I was eating the owner of the cabins and me looked at The Milepost to find out about the choices I would have the next night.

At 10:20am I was on the road, it rained only a little bit, there was hardly any wind and 10 ºC. The first 20km were easy rolling, then I made a short break after which it was somehow a lot harder to ride. The sun came out and the temperature went up ‚til 17 ºC.

At a parking area with a nice view I made another stop and got invited by an older couple from Florida to have a tea in their RV. So we sat there, talked about all kinds of things and drank tea. They asked me if I’m riding together with the biker who was riding behind me. Since I’m not I was curious to meet him. He stopped a while later and got invited as well. So the four of us where sitting in the RV having a little “meet and greet”. His name is Hendrick and he’s from Amsterdam, Holland. He’s cycling in this area for three or four weeks and started in Anchorage as well. We took our pictures said goodbye to the friendly couple and road a few miles together.

After a while there was the sign for the campground where I wanted to spend the night. I rode down there, checked it out and decided that I did ‚ t want to stay there. A few miles later I stopped at the midway grocery store which was closed because the owner was voting. Finally, at milepost 64, I reached the Porcupine State Recreation Area. There was nobody there, the pit-toilets smelled disgustingly and there were signs with bear warnings at it. I didn’t want to stay there on my own because I knew that I would probably listen to every sound out there instead of sleeping well at night. I waited about 20 minutes but since I was still alone I got on my bike again and hit the road.

Though I didn’t want to (because it’s quite expensive) I rode on to the Mentasta Lodge at Mile 77 (I think). I rented a room for one night, put all my stuff in there and took a long hot shower. After that I had dinner together with Hendrick and we sat there and talked for a while. I ate a Cheeseburger with french fries, Hendrick ate a steak. While we looked out of the window a pilot used the Highway as his runway and took of in his airplane!!! Crazy people out here;-)

Now it’s 9:15pm and I’m sitting in my room, listening to some music while I’m writing my blog. I guess tomorrow I’ll make it to Tok. I hope I can get on the internet there.


Have a good one…


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