Tok – the northernmost point of my trip!


Tag 9: Mentasta Lodge – Tok

11ºC – 16ºC, no rain, mostly sunny, changing winds

82,8km, 4:41min, Average Speed 17,6km/h


At 7:30am my alarm clock rang the first time, but I ignored it and didn’t get up ‚til 9am. I ate sandwiches with creme-cheese for breakfast and was on the road at 10:15am. Today I should pass the Mentasta Summit, the highest point of the Tok-Cut-Off, but I could’t really find it;-). The road was going up and down pretty much all the time but it was nice riding. There was hardly any traffic and many people waved at me or showed me „thumbs up“. It was warm enough riding in shorts and a logsleeve shirt and I enjoyed my ride with big mountain-ranges all around me and many trees that are already changing their color (didn’t I write that before?). I crosses the Little Tok River a few times and saw 6 bikers going the other way (3 and 3) but we didn’t stop to talk. About 16km before I reached Tok there was suddenly a bikepath along the road. At 3pm I reached the Sourdough Campground(20$ including hot showers and free WiFi) pitched my tent  and explored Tok. That didn’t take too long because there isn’t much more then a gas-station, a grocery-store, a souvenir-shop, a café and a visitor-centor.

It’s starting to rain, I have to get back to my tent and put my stuff away!

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