It‘ s time …


… to leave Central America! It‘ s been a great time here, as well as in North America – and I‘ ll miss it! The people, the scenery, the constant change that cycling brings.


But I‘ m not quite ready to go home, yet.

Tomorrow I‘ ll fly from Panama City to Miami/Florida. From there I‘ m going to cycle north to Jacksonville and visit my friend Larry, another cyclist. From Jacksonville I‘ ll fly to Duesseldorf on the 29th of july.

Yes, to Duesseldorf! I decided not to fly to Hamburg, because I‘ d like to finish this adventurous trip in a – how I think – more fitting way. I‘ d like to cycle back to Friedrichskoog, give myself some time to reflect on the events of the last year before it‘ s time to settle again.


Though I‘ m a bit sad that my trip is gonna be over soon I‘ m looking forward to seeing my family and friends again, playing volleyball, sleeping in the same bed every night and to my new job at another school. I‘ m ready for a new chapter in the game of life!


Thanks to everybody who supported and motivated me on my way!!!


CU soon


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