Rolling again …


David – Las Lajas

93,5 km, 5:21h, Ø 17,4 km/h, 708hm

I went to the Café #1 and took a look at the breakfast buffet. A while ago I read in a journal of other cyclists, that they were getting very untypical food for breakfast. Now I know what they meant. There were sausages, wiener, beef, meat-balls, all kinds of fried things, Pasta … pretty much everything you wouldn‘ t expect on a breakfast buffet. The place was packed and the plates were loaded! I couldn‘ t believe it, but, well, when in Rome do as the Romans do. (I didn‘ t, though;-)). The only things I saw I would count as breakfast items were boiled eggs and fruits. Since I wanna get rid of those pounds I unfortunately gained again in Purto Viejo (and I know that only fruits wouldn‘ t have done it for me) I just got a coffee and drank it at the plaza, then I had a sandwich back in my room at the hotel.

Just when I left – guess what – it started to rain again! It wasn‘ t so bad and happened a few more times during the day. The ride was beautiful, but up and down pretty much all the time. But those climbs weren‘ t too bad and never really long or too steep. The temperature alternated between 25 degrees in the rain and 38 degrees when the sun was out.
Ever since I got the new rim in San Pedro (Honduras) my spokes become loose. Though I tightened them at the hotel last night I was shocked that I had to do it again after 20km! That‘ s when I decided to stop every 15km to check them. Next stop – loose spokes again. This time I tightened them even more. I don‘ t know too much about it, but I‘ m getting better at it. 5 km before my next check I thought that I heard and felt my trailer bouncing behind me. So I stopped saw that there was a big bump on the tire. Great! Just this morning I decided to leave my spare tire for the trailer behind!!! However, it still works, I just let some air out and now the bump is a bit smaller – and I have to push a little harder…

That was enough excitement for today and after 70 km I decided to look for a place to stay in Las Lajas. The town is about 4 km off the road. I asked some people for a room and they all told me to go to “Restaurant and Bar Meira”. That I did, it‘ s 5km off the road. I looked at the room which is very, very, very basic, but it has a fan in it. The mattress on the one bed is so soft that it “hugs” you when you lie on it, the other one‘ s so thin that you can feel every single wooden board under it. Shower and toilet are outside – let‘ s better not talk about it. It started to rain again as soon as I got here and so I stayed (5$).

When the rain stopped for a while I cycled the 8km down to the beach. It was almost deserted, only one family out there. Of course it started to rain again on my way out there, but I still enjoyed it – and was glad that I didn‘ t have to sit in my room (without electricity – it went of when I got there). It was a nice ride.

Back at the “hotel” I ate dinner there, fish, rice and beans and platanos – for only 1,50$ !!! And it was good, too. They are playing mexican music (What‘ s the name of that famous mexican guy again??? They already played the song in which they say something about Veracruz at least 15 times!!!) at the bar, which I can hear very good in my room mixed with the soccer-game they are watching in the room next door, nice.

I guess it‘ s a no-shower-day today … yeah, I know, that‘ s disgusting. But, as far as I know they don‘ t make internet with odor yet – that‘ s your advantage to the people that I’ll might meet tomorrow.

Good night


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