Caribbean Dreams …


… have to end, too.

I know, I didn‘ t write anything for almost a month now. But this blog was supposed to be about cycling – and that I didn‘ t do for a while, except for daily trips to the grocery store 300m down the road ;-).

I‘ m fine, everything is good. I had a great time here in Puerto Viejo, met many interesting people, ate good food, enjoyed some cold drinks, relaxed and had a lot of time to think about all kinds of stuff …

Just a couple hours ago I said to Ryan that I only came down here by accident (at first I wanted to cycle along the pacific coast, but then Laura, a friend, told me about her friend Ryan who just opened a bar at the Caribbean in Puerto Viejo). He said it wasn‘ t an accident, it was destiny (thanks Ryan, I had a great time). Maybe he‘ s right. And I‘ m so glad I took this road and got to know this beautiful place of earth. And the friend of a friend became a friend.

Every day moreĀ I‘ m staying here makes it harder to leave. I packed my bag already several times, but in the morning, when my alarm-clock rang I always said, „just one more day“. So days became weeks and weeks more than a month.

Today I decided to book a flight, now I really have to go! On the 13th of july (that‘ s already in 11 days!!!) I‘ m flying from Panama City to Miami. From there I‘ ll cycle north along the Atlantik Coast and hopefully meet Larry in Jacksonville (I met him on my cross-country biketrip in the US in 2005) before it‘ s time to fly back to Germany.

Since the flight is booked there‘ s no time to fool around anymore. Time to get back on the road!!! Time to go to Panama! Right now I‘ m not too enthusiastic when I think about it but I‘ m sure as soon as I‘ m back out there I‘ ll enjoy it again.


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