Takin‘ a shower while cycling…


Sequirres – Limon

62,5km, 3:06h, 20,1 km/h, 277hm, total 10403km


Unspectacular day, except for heavy rain about 25km before Limon. Within a minute I was totally soaked. Every truck that passed me was like a shower – or even more like a bath. And there were many, many trucks!!! The rain was refreshing though and it stopped after 10km. So I dried a bit before I reached Limon where I stayed at the Miami Hotel – and didn‘ t dribble all over the place! The hotel cost around 15 US$, but I read that Limon is a pretty dangerous place and was warned by some locals, too, so that I didn‘ t feel like looking around a lot. And the room was clean and I was allowed to bring my trailer inside.

Later I searched for a bikeshop because my front wheel started to make some strange, loud sounds during the rain, apparently the bearings. I asked a local on a bike for a bikeshop and he was so kind to show it to me. At the bike shop they had never seen a hub with a generator for the lights (Nabendynamo) and didn‘ t really know what to do. They told me where another bikeshop was. The fellow there was very friendly and took care of the problem. After 20minutes I was good to go again.

I brought my bike back in my room and walked the dangerous streets of Limon. Many policemen where around and the feeling I got from the city wasn‘ t too bad. Probably not the place to spend your vacation, but ok for a nights stop. On my way back I bought 4 pieces of fried chicken for dinner, then I watched some TV and that was about it.

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