Day off in San José


What I did today? Well, do you really wanna know? I got up at 5:30 am (Why can I never get up that early and easy on cycling days? I know, I asked before – but didn‘ t get an answer;-)), wandered through the Tranquilo Hostel and spent some time at on of the several computers they have here. An hour later I sneaked back into my bed in the 8-bed-dormitory – where the air was pretty thin by that time. I rested a while before it was time for the included pancake-breakfast and a cup of coffee.


Then, in the afternoon when I was just playing some stupid computer-game, Rabecka and Aden from New Zealand walked into my the room. What a surprise! We stayed at the same hostel in Oaxaca about 2 months ago! They are backpacking and on their way to South America.


It‘ s wet-season here now and so it started to rain for quite a while around 1pm. Later I had a late lunch at BK;-). On my way back I stopped at a grocery-store, the first one I‘ ve been to in Costa Rica. And what can I say? They had a pretty good variety there and it was a lot more expensive than in the other countries of Central America which I‘ ve been to.

And then I saw it, the purple package, and couldn‘ t resist: Milka Chocolate with nuts!!!


Exciting day, he?

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