Back at the Pacific


Pespire – Choluteca

66km, 4:14h, Ø 15,5km/h, 373hm


We left at 7:10am, early start for me;-). Unfortunately it was already hot and very humid by that time. It was a nice ride, there were some short climbs but nothing serious. We just sat in the shade of a tienda when a family on bikes stopped there as well. It was a french family with 2 little boys, 5 and 7 years old. They bought their bikes in Costa Rica and are cycling to Cancun, Mexico. They didn‘ t have panniers but big bags tied to their bike-racks. I can‘ t believe those 2 boys are cycling on single-bikes! Very impressive – but also very dangerous if you ask me!

We are very close to the Pacific now and cycled by the Golfo de Fonseca.

Choluteca is supposed to be the hottest city in Honduras – and that might be true;-).

After a small controversy, dispute, disagreement – I don‘ t even know what to call it – between Michael and me we – unfortunately – split up.

Now I‘ m at Pizza Hut, because of the free wi-fi – and in a while I‘ ll go back to my air-conditioned hotel-room and get ready to cross the border into Nicaragua tomorrow.



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