Back on the road…


Time is running. Can‘ t believe it‘ s already may!

I was ready to leave by 8am but had to wait for a while for someone to open the parkinlot where my bike was parked. I was glad that it was still there and the 3 big dogs didn‘ t destroy it!

It was already hot by 8:30am and sweat was already dripping on the sidewalk while I loaded my bike. The first 40 km were easy rolling, but then the climbing started. I had several refresco and some banana-breaks – and another flat tire. I can‘ t believe it! 3 young girls and a little boy observed me while doing that. They were so cute and I really wanted to take a picture of them, but their mother wasn‘ t so friendly before and so I let it be.

I stopped at a hotel next to the lake Yojoa  (or what‘ s the name of that lake again???). Hotel-room 40 US$, camping 6 US$. Easy decision. I pitched my tent and ate dinner at the restaurant. It was raining a bit and I didn‘ t feel like cooking. With my Hamburger I had a Salva Vida, the national beer, which I don‘ t really like that much. So one was enough. Being right next to the lake means that there are many mosquitos here as well. At 6pm it was already dark. So I guess I‘ ll go to bed early and try to get an early start tomorrow to catch up with the 2 cycling families. That means a 90km day with lot of climbing is waiting for me tomorrow.

Good night


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