El Progresso…


… is the name of the City where I had a rest-day today. When I woke up I was still very tired. After Peanutbutter-Jelly-Burritos and Orange Juice for breakfast I was still sleepy – and decided to stay here today.

I spent some time on the internet, talked to some of the people who work here at the hotel, slept and had “lupper” at Wendy‘ s. There isn‘ t much to see here, but since El Progresso is located at a crossroads many travelers pass through or stop here – and can find everything they need.

When I went to the grocery store around 6:30pm it was packed there. I thought it would take forever till it would be my term, but then a guy who worked there asked me if I only had those 5 items. I said “yes” and he told me to follow him to the register. So I passed about 10 people and was suddenly the first in line. Strange feeling to pass everybody, especially being probably the only “gringa” in the store. But nobody made a comment or gave me angry looks. So I was back at the hotel faster than expected, packed my bag and was ready to watch some TV and hit the sack early.


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