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Saturday, 18.04.09

Tela to La Ceiba

108,7km, 5:58h, Ø18,1 km/h, 395hm


Here we go again – getting up early and I, I‘ m more and more convinced that are two different worlds! Though the temperature was ok last night I didn‘ t get that much sleep somehow, couldn‘ t get out of bed and it was already 8:30am when I left Tela. I didn‘ t see much of this city but the first impression wasn‘ t that nice.

The scenery was amazing today. Lots of deep-green grass, different kinds of trees and thousands of palm-trees along the way. Somehow it‘ s a bit like the view of Costa Rica I have on my mind. And then there were those mountains to my left – I should have taken a lot more pictures but I just didn‘ t feel like stopping all the time since it was so hot. The shoulder was pretty good most of the day, nice riding.

Again many little stores along the way but I tried not to stop too many times. Too much soda is kind of hard on my stomach;-).

When I reached La Ceiba it was only 3pm, what really surprised me. That means that I only stopped for a total of 30 minutes today!

Since I didn‘ t know how far it was to the ferry terminal and I had to go to an ATM before going to Utila (I read that the only ATM there runs frequently out of money, later it turned out that there were several ATM‘ s on the island) I decided to stay in La Ceiba instead of trying to catch the 4pm ferry.

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