Waiting … booooooooooooring!

Do, 16.04.09

Hanging out all day, waiting for the rim to be ready to be picked up in the afternoon. Read a lot and was kind of bored.

Had a late lunch at BK. The security-guy smiled and greeted me as if we knew each other forever (but I promise, I‘ ve only been there once before, wearing dirty and smelly cycling-cloths) and a kid inside asked me where my bike was!

The young guy at the bike-shop was just finishing my bike. I even got some new spare tubes with presta-valves there. Moreover I bought a new bike-pump. Mine really sucks, it‘ s just so hard to pump enough air with it. Cycling back those 20 blocks was a lot better than walking and I was happy that I didn‘ t get lost this time. I‘ m just so disoriented in this city! But it should be pretty easy to find my way around because the roads all have numbers, the “avenidas” go from north to south and the “calles” from west to east. And I even had a city-map!!! Guess now you know why I don‘ t like cities!!!

Reading some more back at the hostal and going to bed early.

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