3 Tandems and 3 Singles

 Di. 15.04.09

Omoa to San Pedro Sula

We left at 6am, 3 tandems and 3 singles, quite a sight. It was fun riding together. When we reached San Pedro around noon we couldn‘ t find a Mc Do and said goodbye on the road. The 2 families got 2 free nights at a 4 star hotel and I was on my way to the hostal. I got lost a few times. Reading my map in front of a hotel a guy who worked there explained me which way to go and insisted on filling up my water-bottle before I left. Thanks!

Finally I found the hostal and paid 200 Limps for a bed in a (very clean) 4-bed-dorm. The hostal is nice and secure. You even have to ask for the door to be unlocked if you want to go inside – what‘ s good in one way, but pretty annoying, too. I felt a bit like being in a cage…

Then I walked around town to get some cash. I had to try 3 different ATMs before it worked! But this way I met another helpful and friendly honduran guy who walked me to the next ATM (and, no, he didn‘ t wait behind the next bush to rob me after I got money!!!). The problem with those ATMs here in Honduras (and in Mexico, Guatemala, …) is that you get usually big bills. Big meaning here 500 L which equals 20 €. It‘ s hard to find a place where you can pay with it. Even at the hostal, where I had to pay 200 L, they didn‘ t have change for 500 L!!! It‘ s just so annoying. It can even happen that you pay a soda (maybe 9 L) with 50 L and you have to wait a while for your change because the owner of the store sent his child to another store to get change!!!

That‘ s it for today, have to decide if I wanna go south or to the Bay Islands where I would possibly meet the Vogels and Verhages again. Hanging out for a week or so at an island in the Carribean – sounds pretty good, doesn‘ t it?


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