Up and down…

…there isnĀ“t that much more to say about this day.


Tepa – San Juan de los Lagos

75 km, 4:38h, aver. sp. 16,1 km/h, 803 hm

After a few days in Tepatitlan, a city with an amazing character, I hit the road around 11 am. There wasn’t much to see, just some cows, some farmland and a lot of dry gras. Since Tepa and San Juan de los Lagos are at about the same elevation I had some great downhill rides, too, today. The traffic was quite heavy the first 10 km on the Libre. Then I got back on the Cuota and had a good shoulder again. People were friendly, the sky blue and the sun hot, that‘ s about it.

San Juan de los Lagos itself is a city with about 42000 inhabitants and between 4 and 7 million (!!!) pilgrims every year. Many of them just sleep outside the cathedral or on the sidewalks.

My destination for tomorrow is Leon, let‘ s see if I make it – the bets are pretty good though because there’s no reason here to stay another day.

Hasta luego


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