Takin‘ it easy in 2009

Hola Amigos!

I can‘ t believe that I didn‘ t write anything for ages!!! And that I‘ m still in Guadalajara!!! I got here on december 22nd – and still didn‘ t move (only from a greedy hotel to the nice hostal de maria).

If someone had told me I would stay for more than 2 weeks in the second biggest city of Mexico – I would have called you „crazy“. When I planned this trip I dreamt of spending christmas at a beautiful beach, just have a Margaritha there, lay in the sun, take a swim…

Things turned out to be different and – however – I spend Christmas Eve strolling through the streets of Guadalajara, going to a Cathedral and drinking a few beers in the hostal with a bunch of people from differnt countries. It was great – and I decided to stay for a few days. We took a bus to the Laguna de Chapala, a very touristy but also beautiful place, we went to a Rodeo the next day, I‘ ve been to Tonala and Tlaquepaque …

When I was about ready to leave I became a bit sick and spent quite some time at the restroom ;-). Yesterday everything was good again, I went to the Zoo and at night we sat together, chatted and had some beer. Today I‘ m getting ready to hop on my bike again – doing laundry, buying some groceries, taking a look at the map and organizing my things.

I‘ m definately planning to leave tomorrow and I‘ m hoping that there won‘ t be too much traffic on a sunday morning. But this place is crazy, it just sucks you in and you don‘ t want to leave again!!!

CU on the road


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  1. Anne Engels sagt:

    Liebe Anja,
    seit ein paar Monaten verfolge ich sehr sporadisch deine Einträge und finde es großartig, dass du dich schon in Mexiko aufhältst. Manchmal(!), besonders, wenn in der Schule wieder mal der Bär steppt, beneide ich dich auch ein bisschen. Ich wünsche dir ein gesundes 2009 und drücke dir die Daumen, dass du gut durchkommst und nicht ab und zu „a bit sick“ wirst.
    Alles Gute,
    Anne Engels

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