Off route again – I hate it!!!

15.12.08Acaponeta – Santiago Ixcuintla

96 km, 5:23 h, Ø 17,7 km/h, 452 hm, total 6261,9 km

I wasn‘ t motivated to get going in the morning because the first thing I had to do was to change the tube in my tire. The worst thing about it is always pumping air in it with my small pump – it works, but it‘ s just so hard to get enough air in it. Later I got some air at the gasstation, I think I never had that much pressure in my tire! Cycling seemed to be really easy;-).

Anyways, I was pretty miserable the whole morning and didn‘ t really know why. We cycled back the 10 km (I hate it!!!)to the toll road and actually used the real entrance to the road for the first time! We just had to use the sidewalk. It was already very warm, 30 degrees. For some parts it was kind of hilly today and a place in the shade was hard to find. After 55 km we left the wide tollroad and were back on the “Libre” which doesn‘ t have a shoulder. After a few kilometers we saw a restaurant on the side of the road – a cold coke, yippieh!!! But, too bad, it was closed. Back on the road, drinking our warm water, we soon saw a sign for a Rancho and could hear the loud mexican music. They listen to music hear a lot – and always very loud. Actually the music reminds me a bit of german “Volksmusik”. We stopped, sat down in the shade and ordered our badly wanted sodas! Unfortunately it seemed as if we had to pay tourist prices. There were quite a few people drinking beer – and we hoped that they were still able to drive because they would pass us sooner or later on the road. The last 35 km my legs felt pretty good and cycling was very easy for me.

Unfortunately Santiago Ixcuintla, the town where we are staying, is 8km off the main highway. That means we‘ ll have to get back there tomorrow. Our hotel, the Hotel Plaza Los Reyes (320 Pesos/3p), is very new, the shower was actually hot, there is wi-fi and it‘ s clean. The only disadvantage: we had to carry our bikes up to the 1st floor.

We had dinner at a restaurant a few blocks away. I ate a torta (a mexican kind of hamburger) and a really big Quesadilla (a tortilla with melted cheese and meat in it, you can put veggies, salsa and guacamole in it). It was very good and cheap.

It‘ s already 11:30pm again. That‘ s the bad thing about internet in the hotel: I stay up late, don‘ t have any time to read my book and am tired the next morning!

Hasta luego



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