The Olympic Peninsula


Port Angeles – Forks

106,1 km, 6:48 h, av. sp. 15,6 km/h

Tami had to leave at 8 am, so we got up at 7 am. It took a while to pack , but I was on the road by 8:20 am. I could stay on the Trail for the first 8 miles to Port Angeles. On my way I met 3 cyclists from California. They are cycling in the other direction. In Port Angeles I stopped at Save Way ( a grocery store), got a club card to get some discounts, bought a few things and drank the first Starbucks Caramel Macciato of my trip – and it was so good! Then I road on Highway 101 and there was a lot of traffic, many log-trucks and RVs.

When I came to lake Crescent there was a button I could push so that 2 lights would flash to  show that there‘ s a cyclist on the road. That‘ s because the road in very winding and the shoulder is narrow for 16 km. Cycling along the Lake was very nice and I made good progress.

I met a cyclist from Canada who wants to cycle to San Francisco in 2 weeks. He‘ ll have to ride about 160 km each day. After I passed the Lake there was a long climb, it just didn‘ t seem to end. I already thought that I would never make it to Forks but then the road was (except for a few short climbs) flat or a litttle bit downhill almost all the way to Forks (45 km). I‘ m staying here at the Forks Motel, I was really tired and didn‘ t want to ride on to the Campground about 8 km further. It was a great but long day.

CU Anja

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