Today I took the High-Speed-Ferry „Fairweather“ from Haines to Juneau. It was a 2 hour ride through beautiful scenery – though the clouds were hanging pretty low again. The ferry terminal is located about 12 miles north of Juneau. There was a lot of traffic – I´m not used to that anymore!!! After a few miles there was a Safeway (big grocery store), then I saw Fred Meyer´s, Wal-Mart and even a Mac Donald´s. I think it´s the first time since I left Anchorage that I feel like I´m really back in civilisation!

The campground I was looking for was supposed to be 1 1/2 miles south of Juneau. I missed it and found it on my way back after someone described where it should be at. When I found it I took a look at it and decided that I didn‘ t want to stay there – I couldn‘ t have brought my bike up the stairs or the small path and some campsites I saw looked like people really lived there. Back in town I wondered what to do, then wanted to  check on the room-rates at a motel. The guy working there was busy talking on the phone all the time, so I left. Someone stopped besides me and described me the way to the Youth Hostel. That‘ s where I‘ m staying now. It‘ s a nice place – clean and quiet. It‘ s only 10$ a night but you have to do one chore. I had to vacuum my room. Didn‘ t do that for a while ;-). I have a 3-bed-room for myself, that‘ s pretty neat. Tomorrow I have to leave the hostel at 9am. I guess than I‘ ll get a coffee somewhere and figure out how to spend the next 3 days until the ferry to Bellingham leaves. The internet-connection here is too slow to upload new pictures and I‘ m too tired to update the blog…

After sleeping more or less on the ground the last 1 1/2 weeks (my sleeping-pad is broken) I‘ ll just want to go to sleep now – in a real bed!!!

CU Anja

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