Cartago – Volcano Irazú?




Since I was so close to the volcano Irazú, the highest volcano in Costa Rica, I decided that I could as well go and check it out. Maida explained me the way to the busstop where the bus should leave at 8:30am. After a good breakfast (fruits, eggs, bread) I was on my way. I went to the busstop and asked a busdriver there for the bus to the volcano. He sent me to another place. There I asked again and was sent to another place… It went on like that forever. I asked busdrivers, locals, taxidrivers, policemen… Finally I found the right place, but the bus left a few minutes ago. What a pity…

The bus only leaves on saturday and sunday at 8:30am.

So I sat at the plaza in front of the “Ruinas” for a while and “watched people”.

Later I walked back to the hostel, read, surfed on the internet, slept … What a boring day. In the afternoon I had a late lunch at Mc Donalds and wandered through the streets a bit more.

In the evening Luis and Maida showed me some interesting places in Costa Rica on a big map.

That was about it.



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