Back on the road…

My bike is loaded, water bottles are filled and sunscreen is applied. After another long break I‘ m ready to hit the road again. It‘ s already almost 11am. I should have left a lot earlier because of the heat, but I guess I can‘ t wait for the day when I wake up at 6 and leave at 7! It‘ s a 50 km ride, should be enough for a start. Ok, let‘ s get out and fight the heat, the climbs and the wind!!!

CU Anja


Oaxaca – Mitla


At 11 am I left the hostel in Oaxaca. It was easy to find my way out of the city. The road to Mitla was very suitable to find my way back into the world of cycle-touring. It was mostly flat and there was a good shoulder.

In Mitla I found a hotel-room for 150 Pesos. While taking a shower the water stopped when I was almost done. Oh well… I was hungry and ordered the comida corrida (that‘ s a meal usually consisting of a soup, a main dish and a small dessert) for a late lunch at the hotel-restaurant. I couldn‘ t figure out what the ingredients of the soup were, but it wasn‘ t bad. When my Chillis Rellenos (Chillies stuffed with some undefinable kind of meat and cheese) came I was very disappointed. It was only one small Chillie and the tepid rice looked like a picture of misery. The tortiallas didn‘ t make up for that, either. Not everything can be sunshine…


Mitla (1480 m el.) is known for it‘ s ruins. So I walked around town and looked up the ruins, but they couldn‘ t really entice me. Just more old stones – yes, I know, I m a philistine 😉


On my way back to the hotel I heard a familiar sound on the cobble-stones. Klack, klack, klack… Is that the sound of cycling-shoes?!? I wasn‘ t sure, so I didn t say anything. But since Mitla isn‘ t very big I saw the guy again a few minutes later and this time I asked him if he was cyclist. And yes, he was! Wayne, from Australia, who started his tour in San Francisco about a year ago. He made his way north to Alaska and is now on his way to Argentina.

We tried to find a place where we could have a cold beer and some snacks, but it took us a while to find one. There we sat for a few hours, talked about our trips so far and our further plans. It turned out that we stayed at the same hotel.


We decided to mett the next morning at 9am and start the day together.

Back at the hotel the water was turned off – but there was wi-fi. Interesting how the prioities are…


Though it was an easy day I was pretty tired – that‘ s what I get for 3 weeks off the bike!

Good night



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