Wanted to  leave, but didn‘ t really get up early enough. Had breakfast – hotcakes – and decided to stay another day though I didn‘ t really want to. Oh well…

I checked in the luggage-room if my bike was still there where I put it a week ago – and, surprise, it was there. When I looked at it I felt bad that I didn‘ t start again today, I really wanted to be out there, but it was too late.

In the afternoon I wanted to go to a chilli-tasting-contest and walked to the park where it was supposed to be, with Robert, a dutch guy. There was nothing going on and instead we ate a not very good tasting Tlayuda. Those I had at the market last week were way better.

Since I didn‘ t care much about playing tourist I just went back to the hostel, read a little and talked for a while with Anita from Switzerland. She has traveled for about 6 month now and had some interesting stories to tell, especially about South America.

At the grocery-store I bought some food and had scrambled eggs with onions, tomato and garlic for dinner which I ate on a bun with avocado. I‘ m eating many avocados here, they are pretty cheap, taste good and are available almost everywhere.

Later I went to a small café/bar with two Belgiens who just started their trip across Middle and South America a few days ago . In one room there was a probably american guy playing some music. It was ok, kind of melancholic though. We sat outside and could hear the music via loudspeaker. On the table next to us were some older folks (between 60 and 80) having fun. It was quit amusing to watch them. Two of them told us that they just finished a bottle of Mezcal together – that explains some things ;-).

When we asked for the check we were surprised – they charged us for the music, 20 Pesos a piece. Not a big deal, but we didn‘ t know about it before. When we left we looked at the poster outside the café on which it was actually written. In very small and pale letters.

We wanted to stop at another place for another beer, but couldn‘ t find anything that looked inviting. So we just went back to the hostel. Now it‘ s almost midnight and I really hope that I can move my butt tomorrow and get out of here!!!

Good night


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