Long bus ride, beach and good food!

Puerto Escondido

Tuesday night I cycled to the bus-station in Mexcio City. It was only a 15 minute ride. There I met Barbara and Alexandra who took a taxi. Though the woman who sold us the tickets said it wouldn‘ t be a problem to take the bike the guy who put the luggage in the bus had a different opinion. It wasn‘ t really a problem but I had to pay for it. It was no big deal (100 pesos/ca. 6 €), but the way he said it made us wonder if he put that money in his own pocket;-).

So we got on the air-conditioned bus, left Mexico-City, slept a lot and arrived in Puerto Escondido about 18 hours later. There we found out that other busses would have been faster – it didn‘ t bother us too much, though.

When we got off the bus in the afternoon it was hot!!! I was sweating like crazy. We looked for a hostel and got the last 3 free beds in the Mayflower Hotel, which is a big hostel. We got something to eat (fish-filet in garlic with beans) before walked down to the beach which was just down the road and jumped into the pacific – wow, that was great!!!

After the sunset we went back to the hostel, took a shower and had some fish for dinner at a different restaurant. Sitting there we watched the carneval-parade which didn‘ t impress us too much. At night we walked to a place where there was supposed to be a firework – but nobody could tell us the time. After hanging out there for a while we decided to head back to the hostel, we were all pretty tired and didn‘ t care too much to miss the firework.

The next day we enjoyed the sun and the waves and had a great dinner consisting of nachos with guacamole, tacos and beer.

Since we liked the dinner so much we went there again for breakfast today, then we were off to the beach again. Since we had enough sun yesterday we rented an umbrella and beach-chairs. 2 dogs were sleeping under our chairs the whole time. Every few minutes someone came along to sell something: clothes, hammocks, food or boat-trips. Kind of annoying after a while if they don‘ t take “no” for an answer.

Noe we‘ re about ready for dinner – at the same restaurant. Tonight we‘ ll take the bus to Oaxaca where we‘ ll arrive early tomorrow morning. It‘ s another bus-company – I‘ ll see what‘ s the deal with my bike this time.

Alexandra and Barbara have to be in Morelia on sunday ‚cause they‘ ll start teaching at the university there on monday. And I guess I‘ ll be back on my bike, soon.

Hasta Luego


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