Malaspina – Ferry to Bellingham 2


Malaspina – Ferry to Bellingham


Yesterday I already crawled into my sleeping-bag at 8pm and fell asleep right away. I woke up when we reached the port of Petersburg at 4 am and couldn‘ t sleep anymore. So I just lay there for a while and enjoyed the fresh air and quietness.

At 1:45pm we reached Ketchikan, a pretty good sized city. Kai, Erin and me walked the 2 ½ miles into town and strolled along there. On our way back to the ferry we stopped at the Burger Queen, a burger-place Shannon, who‘ s on the ferry as well, recommended. Though I wasn‘ t really hungry I ate a Seattle Cheeseburger – and it really was GOOD.

When we came back to the ferry at 4:45pm there where a lot more passengers on board – it‘ s getting pretty crowded in the solarium (about 30 people). When it got dark we sat outside and just looked at the moon and its reflection on the water. That‘ s about it. Though nothing spectacular is happening I‘ m enjoying the ride.

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