Malaspina – Ferry to Bellingham 1


Malaspina – Ferry to Bellingham

I woke up at 9am because of a loudspeaker-announcement: we could see some Orcas outside. Still being half asleep I didn‘ t really care. A while later I got up and met Kai. He said he slept outside under the solarium. When I got up there I decided to stay there as well. You can sleep there on deck chairs under a roof with heating lamps. It‘ s pretty nice and the air is much better than inside. I met Wolfgang again, he‘ s staying up there as well.

In Sitka I got off the ferry and walked along a trail together with Kai and Erin from Bellingham. We got to see some Salmon – dead and alive and there was a crane sitting at the river. There is another cyclist at the Malaspina, Tobi, 19, from Fairbanks. He‘ s gonna cycle to Montana to visit his brother. Pretty nice atmosphere under the solarium – time to relax!!!

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