Beautiful scenery, lonely road and another headwind…


68km, 4:43h, Ø 14,4 km/h

total: 1167 km


While I was having breakfast Tim and Carol came over and asked me some questions about my trip. They live in Juneau and made some backcountry-trips. They even gave me some bread and their phone-number. In case I go to Juneau I can stay with them. At 11:15am I left the campground. Though there was a tough climb in the beginning the first 40km were a nice ride. Then the headwind blew stronger and the climbs became longer. Two cyclists without luggage passed me, father and son who were on their way from Haines to Haines Junction, the mom/wife was driving along in the car and gave me some water. Scenery was beautiful again, trees are changing colors – it‘ s worth the effort. After a 180m downhill ride I reached the Million Dollar Falls Campground. While eating noodles for dinner a german couple stopped by and we chatted quite a while. Later I walked to the falls but there‘ s not much to say about ‚em. Nothing special. I have a broken spoke and hope the tire lasts until I cqan get it fixed somewhere.

There‘ s hardly any traffic on Haines Road, it‘ s very quiet out there.


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