Headwind again…


32,3 km, 2:42h, Ø11,9km

sunny, cold headwind, 15 °C (felt like 5°C)


Haines Junction to Kathleen Lake CG

When I got up at 9am the thermometer showed 5°C but it seemed to be a lot colder. At 10:15am I asked for some information at the Visitor Center, filled my water-bottles and had a nice conversation with a ranger. He said it would be a nice ride through Alberta and British Columbia and it would be a lot warmer there – at least for a few weeks. But I already made a decision, I‘ ll take a ferry from Haines to Bellingham.

I stopped at the grocery store, stocked up on some food and ate a few chicken wings. It was pretty expensive there but I won‘ t have a chance to buy anything at the until I reach Haines. The library didn‘ t open until 1 pm and I didn‘ t want to wait another 45 min.

My legs felt very heavy after the long ride yesterday. That‘ s why I only rode to Kathleen Lake CG. A few 100m before the Campground I stopped at a café to have some coffee and apple pie with ice-cream. There they told me that they see grizzly bears almost everyday next to their café. They even showed me some pictures.

Only a few minutes after I pitches my tent a guy in a camper stopped to tell me that there‘ s a grizzly bear at the campground. I was glad there were bear-safe food lockers at the campground and stored all my food, toothpaste and everything else that smells in there. I didn‘ t get to see the bear and was pretty glad about it!



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